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Mabel’s rehabilitation

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Mabel’s rehabilitation


This little lady is Mabel a 13-year-old Jack Russell terrier. Mabel was referred to us in April for conservative treatment for bilateral cruciate ligament disease.

Cranial cruciate ligament disease may be treated either conservatively or surgically. The decision to treat your dog’s cranial cruciate ligament disease with conservative or surgical management will very much depend on the stability of the stifle joint (knee) and severity of clinical signs.

Dogs benefit from rehabilitation to protect the stifle joint and prevent further injury or stress to the joint when they are treated conservatively. If your dog is referred to us our physiotherapists will do an initial assessment which will allow them to look closely at how your dog functions with the condition and the effect it has on the body as a whole. It is vital that the quadriceps and hamstring muscle groups are maintained as they control flexion and extension of the stifle joint. If these muscles become weak the stifle can become vulnerable and at risk of further injury and pain.

We will provide a tailored treatment plan based on the individual patient’s rehabilitation needs.

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