Fitness & Fun Swims

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Fitness & Fun Swims at Chapel Farm

Hydrotherapy isn’t just for dogs with medical problems! Swimming can help to increase your dog’s fitness level or allow them to have a fun time in a safe water environment. Dogs can swim at Chapel Farm without the risk of high water currents, water-borne diseases or cold temperatures that can be found in local ponds and streams.

Being equipped with a large 10m by 6m swimming pool and a whole bucket of toys, the pool is perfect for dogs that just love to get their hair wet! We also cater for dogs that are nervous about water or ones that need to lose the armbands and learn to swim.

A fully qualified canine hydrotherapist (learn more about our Team) will be on hand to help settle your dog into the water and support them whilst they gain more confidence should they require it. Our fitness and fun swim sessions are for dogs that have no underlying medical conditions.