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Camilla Tricker

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Camilla Tricker

Camilla Tricker has always had a passion for animals, which started when she was young… whilst growing up she spent many a time on her uncle’s farm before going off to Plymouth University to study a degree in Wildlife Conversation in 2016. This was followed by a second degree in Bio Science, which she completed in 2017!

After all, that studying Camilla packed her bags and went off exploring the world for a year and a half, visiting lots of countries and animals along the way – she very much enjoyed travelling around India, Australia and New Zealand.

Fresh back from her travels in 2018, Camila sought out more study books and went on to gain her Level 3 qualification in Canine Hydrotherapy, completing her training at Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation Centre in Guildford. This led Camilla to Chapel Farm Rehab when she joined our team on a part-time basis in May 2018 and when the opportunity arose she came on board with us full time in September 2019.

Camilla’s hobbies include animal photography, keep fit, exploring and travelling.