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Lauren Hunt

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Lauren Hunt
Lauren Hunt: Level 3 Animal Management

Lauren is our newest member to the team in the rehab centre. She originally started volunteering for us in late 2017 as part of her animal management course at Bath College. Now that she has passed the course with a distinction she has decided to follow her passion for dogs and become a trainee Hydrotherapist.

Although Lauren wanted to be a zookeeper as she loved working with the diversity of animals during her time at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, she has fallen in love with the rehab world, love our clients here and is hoping to complete the hydrotherapy course in the future.

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys spending time with her own dogs: Bobby the border terrier and Ruby the cavalier, as well as her two cats and four gerbils! She also loves going for long walks with her family or chilling at home with a good book.