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Rebecca Weech

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Rebecca Weech

Rebecca Weech has a Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy and RCH Level 3 Certificate in Animal Science

Becky graduated from UWE in 2012 with a degree in English language and psychology. During her time at university, Becky volunteered at the RSPCA Bristol dogs and a cat home, where she was a keen dog walker and cat cuddler.

After completing here degree Becky went onto Sparshot College and obtained a certificate in Animal Science qualifying with a distinction. Becky’s passion for animals continued and she went on to train as a canine hydrotherapist qualifying in July 2014. Once qualified, Becky worked at a hydrotherapy centre in Newbury.

Becky’s love of the west country bought her back to the area in the autumn of 2014 where she joined our team here at Chapel Farm. Becky’s keen work ethic, superior organisational skills and dedication to her patients have seen her quickly rise to a well regarded senior member of staff.