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We understand how important care and getting the RIGHT treatment for your pet as an individual is, as our testimonials show. Having a holistic approach and combining all aspects of veterinary medicine can really make a huge difference to your pets.

Arlo attended physiotherapy with Ellen and weekly hydrotherapy sessions at Chapel Farm following TPLO surgery on his cranial cruciate ligament to his right knee. Due to the timing between his injury and his operation Arlo had quite a bit of muscle loss this resulted in a 3cm difference between his legs. Each time we had an appointment with Ellen she set us up with some exercises to do at home and would massage his tight muscles. We did these as much as possible and I would massage him but due to work commitments I have to admit it wasn’t everyday.

Arlo attended hydrotherapy on a weekly basis he wasn’t a lover of the treadmill but always aims to please me so just got on with it, after about 4 weeks he got promoted to the pool which he much preferred. We done this for nearly 3 months then work commitments meant we were not about for a month, during this time we continued with the exercises and swimming. We returned to see Ellen and we were both really happy with Arlo’s progress, there was no creaking in his knee, no tightness in his muscles and both legs were now the same size. Arlo was discharged but Ellen made it very clear that if I have any concerns with Arlo just to call up and book up to see her. Arlo is loving being able to live his best life again so thank you all.


My 9 year old labradoodle Poppy started treatment at Chapel Farm in May 2020 after having TPLO surgery for a partial cruciate ligament rupture. We initially saw Ellen the physiotherapist, for diagnoses and guidance. Ellen did an assessment on Poppy and recommended a set of exercises and massage we were to do at home, and Ellen would show me how to do these correctly. I religiously completed these exercises and massage at home with Poppy, keeping a daily diary. Making notes if Poppy was feeling any pain during or after performing them. Ellen also used the cold light treatment with Poppy, and performed more complicated exercises and manipulation which I wasn’t 100% sure I was comfortable doing at home.

Ellen then recommended that Poppy had some hydrotherapy on the treadmill, with a physio in with her to move her hind legs correctly. Then Poppy progressed to hydrotherapy in the pool, which she absolutely loves. All is great now and I have my old playful doodle back. We are going to continue with pool hydrotherapy as fun for Poppy and am just booking another block of 10 sessions. Thank you to Ellen, Clair, Anna, Katie, Camilla, Jenny and Lauren if it hadn’t been for ALL of you, Poppy wouldn’t be where she is today.

Big licks from Poppy the doodle. And Best Wishes from Lynn and family.

I highly recommend Chapel Farm. My little dog has multiple joint problems including hip and elbow dysplasia and he has been going to Chapel Farm for 3 years now. He has had physiotherapy with Anna and she has worked wonders with him increasing his core strength and muscular strength in his limbs. She also uses massage and laser therapy to ease spasms and help with scar tissue. She incorporates a lot of games into treatment and of course a few treats! He also uses the underwater treadmill, and the team are brilliant with him. They are very conscientious making sure that nothing exacerbates his pain too much and really working on areas that need it. He does not love the water but they really help relax him and make it as fun as they can for him. We always get friendly and personable service and it is a job to get my dog to leave as he loves all the attention. Most importantly, I really don’t think he would have such a good quality of life without the superb treatment as he had been struggling to walk pain-free.

The treatment at Chapel Farm has been second to none and helps reduce my lovely boy’s pain and enables him to keep running after tennis balls!


As a firm advocate in both conventional and holistic medicine, I took my two dogs to Veerle at Chapel Farm for treating various ailments and illnesses. I already had a good working relationship with Anna Richards, one of their physiotherapists. After one of my dogs suffered a huge vestibular episode Veerle recommended we do treadmill sessions as part of his rehabilitation and nearly two years on, we still attend most weeks. The girls at Chapel Farm and I have formed a fantastic relationship, they care deeply about dogs under their care.

Thanks to the care of Veerle and her extensive knowledge of nature’s pharmacy as well as the girls in hydro, my dog is now approaching his 14th year. Clair has a fantastic team and I’ve been fortunate enough to present at their seminars and get to know them all on a personal level.

The facilities are great with plenty of space and consideration given to each dog’s physical and behavioural needs. As a behaviourist, I am always confident sending my clients to Chapel Farm, whether that be for fun swims, physiotherapy or herbal vet treatment.

Roz – Mutty Professor

We’re referred to Chapel Farm over 8 years ago after our Rottweiler Jim had Hip Replacement surgery. The hydrotherapy team at Chapel Farm really helped speed his recovery. He unfortunately suffered further leg surgeries which ended in him having a weekly hydrotherapy session for the rest of his life, which noticeably improved his mobility. Everyone at Chapel Farm was great with Jim who loved his weekly swim.

We also took Jim’s companion along for fun swims when she was a young dog, unfortunately, she ended up needing knee surgeries which she has now fully recovered from and continues with her maintenance swims thanks to the highly professional and caring team at Chapel farm.


Our elderly cat, Basil, was getting very wobbly on his back legs a couple of years ago, so, having taken 2 dogs previously to see Veerle at Chapel Farm, I decided to get Basil referred for assessment. All I can say is “Brilliant, wonderful, fantastic”, Basil is a changed cat, he has got his bounce back, at 17 years old he’s moving better and eating better than he has for at least 2 years.

He has regular acupuncture sessions which he loves and a herbal tablet, he’s doing so well. Thank you Veerle and everyone at Chapel Farm.


We have been bringing our Clumber Spaniels to Chapel Farm Rehab for 8 years, we found out when they were puppies about their joint problems, we firstly went for treatment post-op for luxating patellas but we now continue to go for maintenance of their hips and joints, Flora has the treadmill and Fergus has a swim, Clair and her team have always been so knowledgable and helpful. Both our dogs love going to Chapel Farm, it is a treat for them to go! We travel all the way from Dorset just to see them!