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Chapel Farm is a modern, purpose-built, canine rehabilitation centre and a one-stop-shop for all things dog!

The state of the art rehab facilities ensures that every dog receives all the care it requires in comfort.

As well as the large hydrotherapy pool and underwater treadmill, there is a specialist treatment room, indoor and outdoor rehabilitation areas, facilities for showering and drying dogs, and special needs boarding accommodation.

Fun in the Hydropool

The specialist treatment room is used for physiotherapy appointments, and other rehabilitation exercises and therapies. It has been carefully designed to be an environment with dogs in mind, making sure it’s comfortable and relaxing during treatment.

The rehabilitation areas are used for gait assessments and some rehabilitation exercises.

Indoor and outdoor areas ensure the dogs are comfortable whatever the weather.

The showers are used to wash the dogs after sessions in the pool or underwater treadmill. Then they are dried to ensure they stay warm and comfortable on their journeys home.

The special needs boarding accommodation allows dogs to stay for a whole day. This option can be beneficial for cases that require intense therapy at regular intervals throughout the day, or where distance is a barrier to visiting.

We also have a shop on site offering rehabilitation equipment, food and treats.